UF Digital Worlds: SPRING Tuesday 9th Period

“Projection Design” offers a hands-on approach to the design, planning and execution of digital projections in a variety of performance spaces by using a combination of industry standard and open source research software tools. Students configure and test a large set of media formats in a variety of display situations and venues. Student will present a multi-screen digital projection media project, a research process weblog and collaborate with engineers and artists.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

p127-p150 Extended Cinema

In this part, Youngblood analysed some common situation and thinking models in today mass-audience age. His thesis is magic and showed his encyclopaedic knowledge in the whole related area precisely to us. Some of concepts are abstracting for me, particularly, the viewpoint about the behaviour-altering. As a member of 21st participant, it's not hard to find that multiple information and preach that have flooded our every social platform, sometimes, we could even find two articles stood on totally opposite position still accentuating their own stubbornness extremely and confidently. Then it's turn to our audience, how to discriminate those information and to build relative healthy values?
I regrettably found that most people just follow what they have received passively from those information platforms, and consciously or unconsciously rely on them without scientific investigation and eventually become one of their so-called "faith" advertiser voluntary. This is scary, because inundate information could take advantage of audience's frangibility of discrimination and acceptance and easily reshape their formal behaviours and values. Admittedly, a few of receivers could do survive in this multiple-choice environment and pick up what he need and weave his own faith work together soberly, but most audience always follow something they even don't know what they are  when they living in this everything multiple world.
We are about to face the problem of values, maybe do not think those questions too deeply and seek for a standard and solution could be much more easily, like Bronowski said: The problem of values arises only when men try to fix together their need to be social animals with their need to be free men. There is no problem, there are no values, until men want to do both.
I still all of them are worth of being thinking.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Synaesthetic Cinema: the End of Drama

In the text, Youngblood reasons that synaesthetic cinema is the only aesthetic language suitable for the "post-industrial, post-literate, man-made environment with its multidimensional
simulsensory network of information sources" However, I believe this writing came at a time before the development of hypermedia, responsive environments, and video games. In a sense, they are new aesthetic languages in which people could convey thoughts, feelings, or entire experiences to the audience. They may still have a long way to go before emulating conscious existence, but they are proving that cinema isn't the only tool available with which we may aesthetically communicate  significance in life. It can be further argued that responsive media may even be the more effective aesthetic language as the audience receives feedback for its actions rather than just playing the role of spectator to the media.However, Youngblood stands correct that the synaesthetic cinema is the first step in our journey to communicate consciousness aesthetically and the development of television has helped set off a process that is still in development today.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Artist as Design Scientist

It appears that Youngblood is arguing that the vast majority of innovation is not necessarily coming from new modes ways of expression, but new relationships between things. This reminds me of a similar argument that Nam Jun Peik touched upon, however he ended up disagreeing with such a notion as new mediums tend to spring up when least expected, much like Myron Krueger has devised with his responsive environments. I would have to say that the artist is rather limited in their message based on their experiences and experiences working in the medium. Of course, since many people opt to not invest heavily in a technical background, their ability to express themselves is bottle-necked. While it isn't exactly a bad thing, they are more prone to build upon a foundation previously laid out and to discover new relationships in their respective mediums rather than creating a whole new message. There is a tendency to lean towards something that is more established than to travel out into the unkown alone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greg messing with Isadora

I did a quick set-up like the one from class.


And another with different effects like the kaleidoscope.