UF Digital Worlds: SPRING Tuesday 9th Period

“Projection Design” offers a hands-on approach to the design, planning and execution of digital projections in a variety of performance spaces by using a combination of industry standard and open source research software tools. Students configure and test a large set of media formats in a variety of display situations and venues. Student will present a multi-screen digital projection media project, a research process weblog and collaborate with engineers and artists.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Our project title is "Shaping Shadows"

-Kendall Robertson, Mia Redding, Andrea Ward

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thursday Tech

Hey guys, I'll be there tomorrow basically all day to tech the show and help work out any kinks


thursday tech

Hey guys!
Come tech ready tomorrow at six. If your dancer can't be there still come to run your cues. :)
Dancers please wear your costume and be warm for your run.

Here is the show order:

Dancing  beyond boundaries 

connections under the moonlight 

10 minutes 

robertson redding ward 
fluid extremity  

- if you can't make it tomorrow email pat your reason. also your piece will still run so make sure at least one group member  is there to run the piece. 

we are doing one run through so make it good! 

Call on friday is 6:30

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Possible Show Date: Friday April 18 7:30 pm
Tech: tuesday in class, wednesday 6 - 8 or 10, and thursday 6-8 or 10

project jobs for ISlave

Choreography and soloist : Jessica
Sound: Jessica
Kim: graphic designer
        live mani cam scroller
Carly: board op and projection design

project outline from Jessica Bell, Carly Peloquin, Kim Yeoman

Our project is titled ISlave, investigating how current technology specifically  Apple transforms our world. The title ISlave will evoke the initial reaction that technology is bad in which we hope to contrast it with the positive connective and growing possibilities it truly offers. We plan to shoot our movement inside the white background of the vps to show the sleek appeal of the exterior of apple technology. We want to explore the idea of news feed and scrolling through updated live feed by taking a video of our apple products getting notifications and scrolling through various feeds. We are also exploring the idea of using mani cam to have a portion of live audience interaction through texting soloist on IMessage.  Possible ending with screen showing  internet connection failure.

Through watching mac commercials we were inspired to play with the idea that mac user are cool, relaxed and creative. Our dancer will be wearing jeans, a navy blue t-shirt and Keds or Toms, depending on which are more suitable for the movement.  We grabbed this idea from the commercials  use of white backgrounds and simplistic yet trendy outfits to show that macs are for a young creative demographic while also capturing the masses. We will be working with one soloist, Jessica Bell, to show the contrast of simplistic exterior and the unexpected wealth of possibilities contained in the interior. As for sounds we are looking at beginning with internet dial-up, possibly playing with a low joyful, beautiful piano piece throughout ( similar to the one Facebook used in their "a look back" campaign), sounds of updates on phone and phrases from Siri. We are also playing with the idea of incorporating sounds of current events happening that one's phone might stream or FaceTime chat to display the interconnectivity that technology provides.  We are looking at our piece lasting about five to six minutes in total.